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With Great Sacrifice

Comes Great Reward

Avery J. Williams | Author | Redemption | Biographies & Memoirs


Failed love.  Financial Debt.  Family dispute.  No place to turn.

During the sweltering summer of 2006, Avery’s bad decisions brought his life to its lowest point.


Just as things couldn’t get any worse, he’s given an opportunity that would change his life forever - a six-figure, government contracting job.


The dream position promises riches and unlimited travel but comes at the ultimate cost - moving to a WarZone where the Taliban are on a daily mission to take his life.


Will the sacrifice he makes and lessons that he learns along the way help him to survive and reach the Redemption that he seeks?

Never Give up Hope.



Writer, Videographer, and Web Architect, Avery Williams has spent the last 15 years working in the Middle East and exploring the world.


His debut story, REDEMPTION: Never Give Up, is the first of a trilogy that details his journey from failure to success.


A New Jersey native, Avery currently resides in the United Arab Emirates as a government contractor.


You can visit him on Instagram to find out more.

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Avery Williams | Author | Redemption


Redemption gives a deeply personal and honest retelling of a particular chapter in the author’s life which details how certain circumstances, family, and friends helped him succeed. It is reminiscent of an underdog story, where you’re rooting for the main character to win and persevere over adversity. It was inspiring to read since many people may be able to relate to the themes of rocky relationships, money troubles, and the importance of friends/family.

aaron escobar

If you are searching for a gripping true story about overcoming adversity that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Redemption is an absolute must read! This book is an inspirational experience. It renews a sense of determination and willpower in the reader, leaving a feeling of limitless capability to achieve one’s goals.On my first read-through, I deeply admired Avery’s fortitude in the face of adversity. Avery never gave in to the pressures he faced. He remained focused on his goals and he succeeded despite the challenge of his environment. I hope we all can agree when I say, “I can’t wait for the sequel!”


Typically you find stories about the military experiences but this one is unique and interesting —it’s about a government contractor, especially in a combat zone. This story is so gravitating that I binge read it in 2 days. The obstacles Avery faced are relatable and should give anyone who is faced with adversities in their own lives hope to NOT GIVE UP. I’m rooting for Avery to find the redemption he seeks. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and look forward to part 2.

Avery Williams | Author | Redemption
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